Coaching and Counselling for Anxiety. Is It For Me ?

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent concerns in my practice. Ranging from mild symptoms which cause some discomfort in specific situations such as public speaking, job interviewing, or hosting and/or attending a party, to more severe symptoms quite often linked to depression in a variety of situations in peoples daily lives.

Fear of perceived catastrophic outcomes, examples being fainting, having a “blank” during a job interview or public speaking event are very common; other examples maybe shame associated to being judged as “stupid” or incapable of being recruited in a job interview.
These fears are driven by negative automatic thoughts (NATS) which are triggered by certain situations which clients perceive as anxiety inducing. Examples are: “I am stupid” ,“I am a fraud”, “I will not be accepted or liked”.

Depending on the severity and prevalence of these concerns, clients resort to a number of strategies to alleviate their suffering, namely avoiding anxiety provoking situations which in turn lead to feelings of shame and of regret for unfulfilled potential opportunities in their lives: examples being not applying for certain jobs or positions perceived as more demanding and requiring presentation skills, personnel management skills or good social skills, avoiding socialising, avoiding certain sports or travelling due to extreme fears of death or disease.

How does coaching and counseling help?

Anxiety can then be either “free floating” or attached to certain specific situations or actions.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is very effective to address the above mentioned concerns. Mindfulness meditation is also a complementary effective tool.

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