Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching. Is it for me?

Many of us will be spending over a quarter of our adult life at work, so it’s not surprising that issues surrounding our careers may affect us.

Some work-related concerns such as high levels of stress and anxiety for prolonged periods of time, can cause long term damage to your health, your relationships and overall quality of life. While working hard is something to be proud of, pushing yourself too far can be destructive.

Executive Coaching can help address these concerns by exploring the factors that are causing you to feel anxiety and stress (such as long hours, high workload, pressing deadlines or bullying at work) and equip you with the tools to help manage these problems.

Other work-related concerns in which executive coaching could be beneficial are: definition of career goals, career management, career change and acquiring or refining the skills that you may need to address new challenges at work such as a promotion.

How does Executive Coaching Help with Work and Career Issues?

Executive Coaching, can provide the support you need to move forward with your working life. It provides a supportive process for facilitating change through self-discovery, clarification of goals and identification of behavior patterns that may be self-defeating.  As a result you may be encouraged to explore new possibilities.

I draw on my experience in psychological counseling and coaching and my business experience of many years to assist and mentor you in this process.

My clients include entrepreneurs, senior management and other professionals who experience challenges in their work/life balance, have anger-management issues, high stress levels or job dissatisfaction.

I understand the pressures of work from high-powered jobs and demanding careers. I work with you to establish your goals relating to your current role, help you through career changes, and provide support during redundancy or retirement.

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