Life Coaching and Personal Development

Life Coaching and Personal Development. Is it for me?

We may seek coaching when we are at a crossroads in our life: considering a career transition, feel distressed and/or dissatisfied, want to re-evaluate our life options, or want to embrace new personal and professional challenges.

How does Life Coaching help?

Coaching provides feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point. It is designed to help people discover what they want from their lives.

Coaching is focused on enhancing capacity to change. The partnership with a coach enables clients to:

  • Be more aware about themselves
  • Define their personal and professional goals
  • Be enthusiastic and take more initiatives
  • Take more effective and focused actions towards the realization of their goals
  • Live more purposefully
  • Achieve more balance and personal fulfillment

I use a range of techniques to enable and track change, especially Power-mapping derived from the work of psychologist David Smail in Sheffield, UK).

The most frequent presenting issues in my coaching practice are: professional challenges, relationship challenges, low self-confidence, self-image concerns , decision-making and time-management.

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