“I came to see Isabel Thompson searching for some direction in my personal and professional lives.

“Although outwardly successful”, I was quite unhappy with the direction my life was moving in. With the help of Power Map analysis, Isabel helped me “figure out what areas were lacking and how to ameliorate them”.

I particularly enjoyed the “homework”-tangible daily action items geared towards furthering the goals that we had laid out together. Three years after our intense sessions, I find I routinely use the coping and management skills she taught me, and I feel like I am driving my life in the direction I want it to go”  D, 41 years old, medical doctor

“Isabel Thompson was an enormous help to me during a particularly painful time in my life. I was faced with some difficult decisions, and she helped me to think clearly, manage my emotions, and gain perspective on what I was facing. I found her to be an insightful, practical, and sympathetic counselor. She also provided me with concrete methods for managing my anxiety. I have recommended her to friends, and I would seek out her services again.”  A Grateful Client in Geneva

‘Working with Isabel has been an enriching experience. She provided me with skills for a whole-of-life approach, integrating the dynamics of work, personal and family life, while acknowledging my history. I have been very pleased with my progress in understanding myself better, with her help. Isabel has helped provide me with perspective to engage with the many challenges of life. In the last few years, I have gained a better understanding of myself, which has facilitated in my interaction with others.’ P, 35 years old, works for an International Organization in Geneva

“I was at a particularly troublesome crossroads in my life when I convinced myself that some professional guidance from a LifeCoach could be the answer to my prayers.
I sought out professional guidance from Isabel Thompson at Mental Fitness, Geneva, to assist me in making some decisions that would essentially enable me to choose the right path I needed to take to move on.
The proficient qualities offered to me by my Counsellor fitted the bill perfectly. English speaking & friendly, capable, understanding, skilful & fully trained to help me work my way through certain issues that life throws at all of us at some point in our lives, all in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.
The regular coaching sessions that ensued are changing my mindset, providing me with alternative strength to face up to many difficult situations & an encouragement to move on with a different mindset, turning my weaknesses in to strengths.” V, 37 years old, works for a financial institution in Geneva

“It’s been a great discovery process. Challenging long-established assumptions, turning challenges into new motivations and sources of positive energy, reinforcing foundations for better relations at all levels: personal, professional and social. And, most important, the relation with oneself. Thanks very much Isabel!” A, 35 years old, Geneva

I believe that the answers to all our questions derived from turmoil, disappointments and emotional distress, are within. In order to arrive at the point of understanding those questions, it is pivotal to find guidance to assist us on what seems like an never ending journey. The time I spent with Isabel proved that point, she definitely was the experienced guide I needed to help me get started on the right track, to understanding the questions that have so much influence on ones life. I appreciated her professionalism, openness and most of all the comfort her methods created which enabled me to evaluate things in the proper perspective. Thank you Isabel! E, 36 years old, works for an International Organization in Geneva

“The work with Isabel has given me a much deeper understanding of my own personality and my interactions with others, particularly in a professional environment. Isabel has a knack for people and asks the right questions to make you understand your own actions, often driven by subconscious decisions and assumptions. I can highly recommend her approach. “ S, manager, 34

“We came to Isabel for help with difficulties in our relationship. We found Isabel approachable, supportive, and easy to talk with. We also found her very incisive. Isabel quickly identified key issues, some of them cross-cultural, that we had not understood ourselves and gently talked us through them. We’re very grateful for the help, which definitely ironed out the issues. Thank you, Isabel.” C & M, expatriates in Geneva

I sought out Isabel when I was started experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety connected to my job. I was uncertain if I was in the right career path, and needed some objective support to identify my career options as well as the emotional support to deal with the stress and anxiety I was feeling at the moment. Isabel gave me with a safe place to express my concerns and feelings. She provided me sound guidance and productive exercises to work through my unhealthy emotional state and start building a more balanced future. As a result, I regained confidence to make the decisions needed to change the direction of my career. I also started dealing more directly with a personal relationship that was a source of repression at the time. Three years after my time with Isabel, I am happily engaged in a new career path and am involved in a new and healthy relationship. Perhaps I could have gotten here on my own, but I am so grateful that I didn’t need to. Thanks, Isabel, for everything. E,30 years old

“The best part about my coaching process with Isabel was learning to see another side of the picture both in work and in life. It helps to have a neutral environment to work out stress and discuss what can be changed in order to look toward the future more positively.” C, 32 years old, works for an International Organization in Geneva

“Your method is simple and straight-out-of-life, and conveys very deep messages. I really enjoy a lot of your insights and perceptions which helped me break free from some negative thought patterns.  I have made a major shift in attitude because of your coaching which I find very entertaining as well as enlightening. I would suggest Isabel Thompson’ s coaching for people who want to be in control of their lives again. ” MJ, lawyer, GVA

“Coaching with Isabel Thompson has allowed me to determine how to succeed in my career while respecting my personal wishes.  I believe each of us has the potential to obtain what we really want but with the support of a professional coach the path to get there becomes much clearer.” A, 36 years old, manager, Geneva

‘Thanks to Isabel Thompson I have started to find a way to a more balanced life. I have also learned how to better control my emotions to react more cool headed when needed. At the beginning I was skeptic to use a coach but I am now a strong supporter, coming back from time to time if I feel like needing additional help. I in particular liked the exercises taught helping me to help myself. ‘ A,32 years old, works for a financial institution

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